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Thursday 24th May 2018

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The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

The Richmond Group

Institute of Management Consultants

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (US)

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The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

previously - and better known as - IoL, Institute of Logistics.

The professional body for logistics in the UK

Bill serves on their 'last 50 metres' working group



The Richmond Group

The premier UK Consortium of Management Consultants, and one of the liveliest professional associations around. A model for what professional bodies should be, but often are not.

The Richmond Group comprises some 60 to 70 independent management consultants. All our members are: experienced specialists in their areas of expertise, Fellows or Members of the Institute of Management Consultants holders of the internationally recognised qualification CMC - Certified Management Consultant in independent practice or in a small firm of five or fewer consultants.

We also have a small number of affiliates. These are respected consultants, who while not full members of The Richmond Group, enjoy affiliate status while seeking to become Members of the Institute of Management Consultants.

The Richmond Group offers clients: senior, qualified, experienced consultants proven individual track records of success assignments performed by the consultants who present the proposals easy access and personal introductions access to a wide range of specialties and expertise exceptional value and competitive rates without large corporate overheads and gives members:access to a network of like-minded professionals to complement your skills opportunities for personal and professional development sharing of experience through meetings and discussions recognition through membership of a respected group opportunities to work together for mutual benefit.

The Richmond Group holds an Annual Conference, open to clients, consultants and those interested in the profession of consultancy.

The Richmond Group has six meetings a year; visitors are welcome by prior arrangement.


(Member and CMC)

Institute of Management Consultants (now IBC; 'Business Advisers')

Membership of the Institute (part of the Chartered Management Institute) ensures certain professional and ethical standards for clients, as well as an arbitration service should something go wrong.

The chief protections are:-

  1. Members have at least five years prior standing as a Consultant
  2. We cannot work outside our specialist area.
  3. During an assignment, we cannot work for your competitor.
  4. A strict code of confidentiality.
  5. We commit to work in your best interests even if that gets us fired. And sometimes it does. More often, it leads to a 'full and frank exchange of views' … usually with an appreciative handshake 2 or 3 years later.
  6. Our measured commitment to keep up to date with our field.



Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals or CSCMP (US)

Previously - and better known as - CLM (Council of Logistics Managers)

Somewhat equivalent to the UK's CILT, although with a stronger research bias.

Onetime vice chair of the UK branch, which has effectively folded.


Bill has presented papers to:-

Operations Research Society (UK)

Izmir - Keynote Speaker (Turkey)

Logistics Consultant's Forum (UK)

Institute of Business Forecasting (US)

Cranfield (UK)

Institute of Logistics (UK)

Supply Chain Modelling Forum (UK)

Cass Business School (UK) and many others

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