Thursday 24th May 2018

Hobbies and Interests

I was born within sight of the sea, sailed from the age of 11, and won a variety of club, local and national championships.

I no longer race. Instead, I enjoy (sailing) umpiring, training umpires … and Opera. (For which, wife Val must take all credit.)

Wherever I go, somebody will eventually ask me about …

The adventure of a lifetime

I teamed up with the acknowledged expert Frank Dye, sailing his boat 'Wanderer' from Scotland to the Faroes, then onward to Norway. 180 miles from land the sea 'got a bit lumpy'. Gale force 9 lumpy, with 35 foot waves (the photo shows a 6 foot wave) and cross seas swamping and capsizing the 16 foot dinghy. We broke the mast, lost some of our tools and much of our food, and suffered sundry other distractions.

The boat is now in the Falmouth National Maritime Museum. It, and some of the film we made at the time (largely of me being seasick, as I recollect), featured in their 2006/7 'Endurance and Survival' exhibition, and again this year.

The book (Frank and Margaret Dye's 'Ocean Crossing Wayfarer', pub Adlard Coles Nautical) has been republished in paperback.

It features the 5th and 6th of Frank's great open water voyages. The 5th tells of Frank and Russell Brockbank (no relation) sailing from Scotland to Iceland. The 6th is our trip to Norway.

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