Mail Order
Thursday 24th May 2018

A sample of work done &/or Tools to fix Mail Order operations

Bid an innovative design & build extension for a fast growing company.

Showed the pick face design wasn't working as designed. This allowed range expansion in existing space.

Unpicked a proposed design, identifying the 3 points of failure. Sad to say, the client didn't listen.

Proposed Mail Order to cope with 'The Long Tail'. Retail stores routinely stock SKUs which are more likely to be left over than sell.
They do this knowingly (to gain 'theatre' and 'range credibility'), but also unwittingly.
Our task is to help them do it 'less badly'. Part of that is figuring what it might cost if we did it well. It's then their call where to spend their money.

In passing, Mail Order and Spares have a good deal more in common than I first realised. Huge range, glacial rates of sale, extensive, complicated returns (spares needing rework; clothing out-of-season) and demanding, impatient customers.

Once again we see there are marked similarities between logistics chains in dissimilar sectors.

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. A.Einstein
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