Drop Density & Stop Cost
Thursday 24th May 2018
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Despite the huge advances in processing power …

Delivery planning remains part science and part art.

We (consultants) get exposed to firms who have problems. So we may not see a fair sample.

On the other hand we'll also take a sneaky look whenever we can. That's what pros do.
Here's what we think.

There are some terrific examples - real time rerouting of supermarket home shopping drops, with a response time under 2 seconds (by Paragon) - is one such.

On the other hand a fair few still plan by county.
Others had trained users when they bought the software, but neither train nor control their replacements. Performance just slides.

Yet others build super routes some of the time but other pressures (Remedials; Redeliveries; Loud Salespeople; whatever) throw wobblies. One such caused a 25% increase in delivery costs - yet no manager had the 'constituency' to initiate a cross functional resolution.

Our Tools - and this one in particular - bridge a lot of the gaps. They bring cross functional consensus to departments 'who didn't even realise they were at war!'.

When that's not enough, our management background helps. Understanding isn't always enough, especially where a stakeholder feels they must give something up. There is another approach. The carrot needs a stick.

We could probably do deliveries better. Please contact us

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. A.Einstein
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