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Thursday 24th May 2018
Images swapped randomly

There are times when …

… something is so obvious that we don't hear the doubters.

This was one such. A very senior and respected figure in our profession 'got' the one dimensional example used in the article, but wasn't sure it worked in 2 dimensions.[1]

Sorry, Mike! It's taken me ages to get around to demonstrating the 2D proof pictorially[2], and you'll see some of the runs above.
I'll be making a downloadable release available when I get time, so watch this space. Or, if it's urgent, contact me and I'll send you a rough & ready version.

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  1. In 2D, Pull is consistently better with distant drops.
  2. OK, the maths is obvious - to a mathematician!
    Many of our colleagues and stakeholders are more comfortable 'thinking in pictures'.

It's not the camel's fault. Shoot the committee.
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