Thursday 24th May 2018

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Supply Chain Tools Ltd

Long established and working internationally, we specialise in every aspects of logistics. We cover the supply (or demand, or value) chain[1] from forecasting through planning, buying, material handling & storage, warehousing, transport, distribution, retail, mail order and spares.

We offer strategic and operational logistics and supply chain consultancy to a wide range of medium and large organisations. Benefits include many multi million pound improvements, with fees usually recovered in less than 6 months.

As experienced managers and directors, we focus entirely on pragmatic solutions.

Supply Chain Tools brings core insights, techniques and tools to users in part packaged form.
Our aim is an ever growing band of delighted, talkative clients …

Bill Brockbank (FILT, CMC, CSCMP), founder and MD, has over 35 years experience in European and American logistics and supply chains.

Where multi-disciplinary teams are required, our active membership of The Richmond Group (the leading consortium of independent management consultants) gives access to nearly 70 specialists from every imaginable field.

  1. Fashions, names and pressure points change. The solutions do not.
    Click to see our take on the similarities and differences between logistics, supply chain, demand chain and value chain

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